What We Offer

PCERC works with many CER/PCOR researchers across Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Though what we offer differs depending on the needs of the researcher, below are some of the resources and opportunities that we provide to the community.

CER/PCOR Consulting
We provide consulting for BWH and BWH-affiliated researchers on the following topics: general CER/PCOR questions, PCORI methodology, patient engagement within research, and dissemination of research results. We have also provided consulting services for external research groups/institutions—including the University of Cincinnati and Winthrop Hospital on Long Island.


A Network of CER/PCOR Expertise
If we cannot help you with your CER/PCOR questions, we can refer you to an expert at BWH. Some of the areas that our researchers have expertise include CER/PCOR methodology, patient engagement, dissemination, study design, data registries, biostatistics, adaptive and Bayesian trial design, and heterogeneity of treatment effects.


IRB Assistance
When appropriate, we provide assistance navigating IRB requirements. We have a contact within PartnersHealthcare IRB that is specifically designated for CER/PCOR grants. We are happy to work with this individual to help resolve any difficulties that you are having.

CER/PCOR Educational Forum
Through our events (Seminars, Workshops, etc.) and the events of our partners, we offer the opportunity to hear from leading CER/PCOR researchers or policy experts on topics such as patient and stakeholder engagement, big data, health IT related to patient-centered care, health reform, etc.


Collaborative opportunities
Through our events and network, there are many opportunities to meet other BWH CER/PCOR researchers, learn about their research and identify potential collaborations. If you are looking for collaborators in a specific area, we are also happy to directly connect you to other researchers within our network.


Letters of Support
We are happy to provide letters of support for your CER/PCOR grants. If you are interested in a letter of support, we ask that you contact us early so that we can provide input on your project.