About the Brigham Research Institute


  • Foster groundbreaking, interdepartmental, and interdisciplinary research


  • Provide a clear voice, both within and beyond the hospital, for all BWH researchers


  • Raise the profile of research at BWH


  • Develop mission-centric collaborations with external entities


  • Engage the scientific community in fundraising

The BRI supports all research activities, from fundamental bench science to clinical innovations, focusing on three broad and intertwined efforts: science, communication/outreach and resources/funding.

These three pillars of success provide investigators with countless opportunities to grow and thrive in a dynamic culture of research and discovery at the Brigham and beyond.  Through a variety of meetings and events that are available to the community, the BRI connects Brigham investigators to each other, as well as those outside of the institution. We provide platforms for researchers to present their science and cutting-edge innovations that, in turn, create opportunities for funding, accolades and career advancement. We also convene researchers in smaller settings to allow them a space to voice their questions, concerns and needs to leadership so that we can respond, change and adapt in real-time. Additionally, the BRI opens a dialogue for those with similar interests to help them find resources and accelerate their own discoveries through new collaborations. As a centralized resource for the hospital, the BRI makes funds available to support projects and activities that have the potential to transform science. We encourage investigators to come to us for all funding opportunities and grant support.

Launched in 2005, the BRI’s overarching mission is to accelerate discoveries that improve human health; supporting strategies include fostering groundbreaking, interdepartmental, and interdisciplinary research, ranging from basic fundamental studies to clinical innovations. The BRI strives to provide a clear voice (internally and externally) for the entire BWH research community, raise the profile of research at BWH, develop mission-centric collaborations with external entities and engage the scientific community in fundraising.

Resources available through the BRI to BWH researchers include:

BRI supports excellence by providing funding for centers. programs, the BWH community and specific projects with tens of millions of dollars distributed to date.

The BRI supports our research community by sponsoring and co-sponsoring events, including Discover Brigham, leadership retreats, industry liaisons, scientific symposia and poster sessions; BRI has hosted >400 events .

The BRI provides a voice for BWH scientific community and works to bring greater visibility to BWH Research and has built >250 websites for Pis, studies and centers

The BRI has strong governance and provides transparency and representation; the Research Oversight Committee has met >100 times and SIX senior faculty members have served as BRI Director

The BRI supports communication projects in collaboration with other BWH departments, including the research connection email & LIVE lunch series, the research navigator portal and the research pages on Brighamandwomens.org


Biological and science test tubes

In science we bring together individuals across departments, who would not have been connected otherwise, such as researchers and physicians in a wide variety of disciplines. Our culture, which involves a large exchange of information within the hospital, has created a collaborative and innovative environment for our researchers and community at BWH. In order to effectively connect people, the BRI contains 6 research focused centers that are open to any researcher in this area looking to form collaborations and develop their work through seminars, symposia, funding opportunities and other resources. The incredible scientific research happening at the Brigham on a daily basis creates a unique and powerful collaboration among researchers and clinicians.



Communication within the Brigham community and visibility among the rest of the world is important to the BRI. We are constantly developing our infrastructure, expanding our online presence and raising the visibility of the research enterprise associated with the Brigham and Women’s reputation. We have become a world renowned institution and intend to live up to those standards. The BRI strives to drive collaboration between the Brigham and among the rest of the world.



The BRI offers a broad range of funding opportunities that cover all areas of research and support faculty at all levels. The various funding mechanisms, which can be found on our funding page, are regularly assessed and updated based on the feedback and needs of the community. In addition, the BRI organizes the review committee to nominate applicants for limited-submission, external funding opportunities where the number of applicants per institution is capped.