Cardiovascular, Diabetes, and Metabolic Disorders Research Center

The mission of the Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders Research Center at the BWH Brigham Research Institute (BRI) is to integrate research efforts in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease with the goal of advancing discoveries leading to improvements in treatment of these disorders.

The rise in obesity, diabetes and related cardiovascular disease worldwide, has prompted the need for a further understanding of the causes and mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Under the leadership of Drs. Gail Adler, Charles Ozaki and Mark Feinberg, a primary goal of the CVDM Research Center is to facilitate progress in diagnosis, prevention and treatments for patients with cardiovascular and metabolic disorders in ways that would be unfeasible for an individual group or traditional department. The CDMRC Center brings together outstanding researchers and health professionals from disciplines that cover the spectrum of cardiovascular diseases; the CVDM Research Center provides BWH researchers with opportunities to collaborate and exchange ideas and to share a wide array of tools that help them investigate complex research questions.