Our Initiatives

The mission of the BWH Brigham Research Institute Patient-centered Comparative Effectiveness Research Center is to: 1) Improve the health of patients through population management, comparative effectiveness and system redesign; 2) Bring the BWH CER/PCOR research community together under one umbrella to foster collaboration and innovation; and 3) Enable CER/PCOR researchers to be more successful at obtaining funding and conducting research.


In support of this mission, the Center has already set in motion several important activities and resources to foster innovative comparative effectiveness research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR), including the creation of several working groups—data, dissemination, and patient-stakeholder engagement—to discuss how to best serve the BWH community in these areas. Initial working group meetings have led to the creation of resource documents, discussions on how PCERC can leverage the methodological and analytical data expertise at BWH, and models for facilitating patient and stakeholder engagement at BWH. If you are interested in joining any of these working groups, please contact us.


Below are some of our current initiatives as well as some ideas on how we can serve researchers in the future. All of these efforts are targeted at making sure that BWH investigators are maximally equipped to obtain research funding.

Communication and Collaboration


Patient-centered Outcomes Seminar Series
The Patient-Centered Outcomes Seminar Series brings together patient-centered outcomes researchers (PCOR) and comparative effectiveness researchers (CER) across BWH for the purposes of discussing research findings, methods, and policy related to CER and PCOR. This is a monthly seminar series that consists of a 45-50 minute presentation and then a Q&A session where the audience has the opportunity to ask the speaker questions. After each Seminar, there is also a short networking session to foster conversation and help researchers identify collaborative opportunities.


This series was created after the BWH CER/PCOR community expressed the desire to connect with other BWH investigators that have similar research interests. It also provides CER/PCOR investigators with a platform to both share their research and learn from their colleagues.


We attempt to invite a diverse group of speakers—both internal and external—to present on a broad range of topics, so that we can best serve the needs of all CER/PCOR researchers. The Center also has plans to integrate more workshops and interactive events into the 2013-2014 seminar series.




CER/PCOR Workshops
PCERC and the Harvard Catalyst Disparities Research Program will co-sponsor a series of events dedicated to improving research dissemination.  The goal of this series is to build researcher capacity to make evidence-based findings accessible and relevant to a variety of stakeholders (patients, providers, neighborhood residents, policy makers and legislators, administrators, community-based organizations, etc.) and also to build community capacity to access and utilize new research findings to improve individual and population health.  These events will offer technical assistance and training, and will facilitate academic-community information exchange.  The series will engage researchers and community members.


If you are interested in research dissemination, as a researcher or consumer of research,  please take this brief survey to help inform the development of this series.  The survey will take about 5 minutes.  We appreciate your feedback.







The Center additionally distributes a monthly newsletter to the BWH CER/PCOR community providing announcements, news, events, research, and funding announcements related to CER/PCOR. You can find our past newsletters here. Additionally, please contact us if you would like to sign up for this newsletter.