Affinity Group

The Brigham Research Institute’s Cross-Departmental Affinity Group for Machine Learning Applied to Radiological Imaging
Quarterly lunch meetings:

Will bring together investigators from diverse BWH departments who are interested in using machine learning methods for research involving radiological imaging

If you have questions contact:

Jeff Duryea:

Jamie Collins: or

Anu Swaminathan: (BRI)

Focus on ML/DL applied to radiological imaging.



  • Bring together researchers from diverse departments and backgrounds.
  • Include those who do ML/DL and those who want to use it.
  • Funding: Submit NIH grants. (June or Oct 2019 deadline).


Quarterly meetings:

  • First is a mini-conference/workshop.
    • Invite speakers to present results or proposals.
  • Next 3 sessions are modeled after the BRI/MSK cross-collaborative workshops.

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