What to look forward to at Discover Brigham!

What to look forward to at Discover Brigham!

How to Handle a Medical Emergency on a Deep Space Mission | Location: The Neville House (10 Vining Street)

STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation and NASA’s National Biomedical Research Institute have partnered to develop non-technical skills measurement tools and a medical simulation platform to prepare astronauts to deal with medical events on long duration space missions and enhance crew management on in-flight medical emergencies. The multidisciplinary team at STRATUS built a simulated medical bay to the exact specifications of the module on the International Space Station. During the demo, participants will have the opportunity to talk with our researchers and observe the application of cutting-edge technologies, such as wearable physiological sensors and artificial intelligence (computer vision) for research, training and assessment.


Steven Yule, PhD

Stratus Center for Medical Stimulation

Department of Emergency Medicine

Department of Surgery

Harvard Medical School

People tabling:

Roger Dias, MD, MBA, PhD

Charles Pozner, MD

Steven Yule, PhD