Musculoskeletal Cross – Collaborative Networking Lunch Series

Musculoskeletal Cross – Collaborative Networking Lunch Series

The Brigham Research Institute’s (BRI) Musculoskeletal (MSK) Research Center conducted the first session of its newly launched ‘Cross-Collaborative Networking Lunch’ series today, March 31st from 12:00 – 1:45 pm in Carrie Hall. The goals of these series include:

  • Providing a common forum for musculoskeletal clinicians and researchers from different departments/divisions/center in the hospital including Orthopaedic Surgery, Radiology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and others to become familiar with each other’s areas of research/clinical expertise
  • Promoting the exchange of ideas, information and resources between the participants
  • Seeding potential collaborations between the participants especially those that establish a bridge between researchers and clinicians, between basic and translational investigators, between faculty from different departments/divisions/centers etc


Nancy Shadick, MD, MPH, CoChair of the MSK Research Center kicked off the event by welcoming everyone and reminding them of the goals of this new initiative. She also announced a $20,000 pilot grant opportunity that will be exclusively available to the attendees of this lunch and the next (TBA) in this series. Peter Nigrovic, MD gave a brief presentation on the Joint Biology Consortium (JBC), a valuable resource to musculoskeletal researchers who can take advantage of the Human Biospecimens Core, the Cellular Systems Core and other resources that the group offers. Click here for more information about JBC resources here  Jeffrey Duryea, PhD, CoChair of the MSK Research Center highlighted the types of collaborations that the Center hopes to seed through this networking series and Jessica Whited, PhD, CoChair of the MSK Research Center wrapped up the event by thanking everyone and reminding them to continue their conversations with each other so they can take advantage of the $20,000 pilot grant opportunity that is exclusively available to them.

Quick Facts


  • A total of thirty people attended the first session today (registration was limited to 30)
  • Attendees represented the departments of Anesthesia, Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery, Radiology and Surgery
  • PhD Attendees

  • MD Attendees

  • MD PhD Attendees

  • Assistant Professors

  • Instructors

  • Associate Professors

  • Professors

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