Affinity Group – Machine Learning

Affinity Group for Machine Learning Applied to Radiological Imaging

Zinner Breakout Room, BWH
Tuesday, December 11th 2018, 10:30 AM  – 12:30 PM

About the Event


  • Bring together researchers from diverse departments and backgrounds.
  • Include those who do ML/DL and those who want to use it.
  • Funding: Submit NIH grants. (June or Oct 2019 deadline).

Quarterly meetings:

  • First is a mini-conference/workshop.
  • Invite speakers to present results or proposals.
  • Next 3 sessions are modeled after the BRI/MSK cross-collaborative workshops.


INTRO | 10:30AM

Jeff Duryea & Jamie Collins

TALKS | 10:35AM

  • William Wells: “Deep Learning: what is it, and where did it come from?”
  • Kathy Andriole: “Introduction to the MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science (CCDS)”
  • Jeff Duryea: “Application of Deep Learning for the Quantitative Assessment of Bone Marrow Lesions in Knee Osteoarthritis“
  • Michael Rosenthal: “Body Composition Analysis from Clinical CT”


TALKS | 11:50AM

  • Raul San Jose Estepar: “Deep learning opportunities in image-based lung research”
  • Bruno Madore: “Enhanced MRI Using Ultrasound-based Sensors and Machine Learning”
  • Jamie Collins: “Defining Phenotypes in Knee Osteoarthritis using Unsupervised Machine Learning.”



Direction to the Zinner Breakout Room (via 70 Francis Street): The Zinner Breakout Room is located in the Carl J. and Ruth Shapiro Cardiovascular Center at 70 Francis Street, Boston, MA. Upon entering the building at the street level, walk straight towards the escalators in the rear of the building. The Zinner Conference Center is located on your right; the Breakout room is through the large doors on the left.

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