Antibody Core Facility

About the BWH-BRI Antibody Core Facility

The BWH-BRI Antibody Core Facility provides high quality, purified monoclonal antibodies to the BWH research community. Because the antibodies are made in-house and require no shipping, they are available at a cost substantially lower than that of commercial vendors. Antibodies are of standardized quality and are available in two convenient aliquots: 500ugs and 10mgs. The Core maintains an inventory of commonly used antibodies, which allows orders to be filled quickly.



Currently Available Monoclonal Antibodies

mCD4 hCD3 anti-HA
mCD8a hCD4 anti-MYC
mCD16 hCD8
mCD25 hCD25
mCD40 hCTLA-4
mMHC class II



User Fee

Antibodies are provided in two different quantities:

  • 500 μg: $10 for internal BWH investigators, and $18 for non-BWH users
  • 10 mg: $225 for internal BWH investigators, and $400 for non-BWH users



How to Request Antibodies

To place an order, please download one of the following excel forms for internal or external orders then email completed forms to LaShaunda Gayden at BWH investigators will be asked to provide a project number for billing. Non-BWH users will be invoiced. Inquiries about antibodies not currently available may be directed to LaShaunda Gayden.




Contact Us

Vijay Kuchroo, DVM, PhD


Business Manager
LaShaunda D. Gayden
M/W/Th: (617) 525-5595
T/F: (617) 768-8631


Research Specialist
Nasim Kassam
(617) 768-8609


Location of Core
65 Landsdowne Street, Room 327,
Cambridge, MA 02139