Aging and Cardiometabolic Health and Disease Research Symposium

Aging and Cardiometabolic Health and Disease Research Symposium

On Tuesday, December 3, the BRI and the Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders Center co-hosted a symposium on health and aging. The overarching goal was to build bridges between institutions and promote collaborations around this important multidisciplinary topic. The event featured keynote speaker, James Mitchell, PhD, who is renowned for his work on dietary restriction and its effects on life span and metabolic fitness. Selected short talk speakers received $500 and two poster winners each won $250.

Chosen speakers for short talks:

  1. Alice Kane, PhD: Age and life expectancy clocks based on machine learning analysis of mouse frailty
  2. Stefan Haemming, PhD: LncRNA SNHG12 regulates vascular senescence and atherosclerosis by targeting a DNA-PK-mediated DNA damage response
  3. Rajat Gupta, MD: Single cell analysis of the mouse aorta reveals and importance of shear stress in driving heterogeneity and the cellular signature of vascular senescence

Poster Winners:

  1. Laura Holsen, PhD: Memory Network Activation Associated with Insulin Resistance in Postmenopausal Women with Obesity
  2. Michael MacArthur, MS: Predicting efficacy of lifespan and healthspan extending interventions on an individual level using non-invasive frailty assessment