The New Wave of Imaging Technology in Medicine

The New Wave of Imaging Technology in Medicine

From the discovery of x-rays in 1895 to the utilization of ultrasound, MRI, and CT scanners in the 1960s and 70s, health care has long depended on imaging to provide the best quality diagnostics and care for patients. Now, as new forms of imaging such as virtual reality and augmented reality hit the scene, researchers including Jayender Jagadeesan, PhD, of the Surgical Planning Lab in the Radiology Department at BWH, look to bring these imaging techniques into the operating room.

Immersive technologies mix the real world with digitally simulated environments to transport the user into a virtual, augmented or mixed reality. Though all slightly different, each type of “reality” opens the door for brand new applications in medical imaging.

“There is a lot of information and new technology available for physicians,” said Jagadeesan. “The question is, how do we utilize all of these images and information in real-time during surgery without going into information overload?”

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