Funding, Prizes & Awards


The BRI seeded its eight original research centers with nearly $900,000 in 2005 and continues to support its centers and programs administratively and financially. In 2007, the BRI teamed up with BWH leadership, departments and the Development Office to jumpstart the Fund to Sustain Research Excellence. This program provides grants in the amount of $50,000, renewable for a second year, to our scientific investigators while they await grant approval from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


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BRI/ORC MicroGrants

Accepted on a rolling basis


The Brigham Research Institute (BRI) and the Center for Faculty Development and Diversity’s Office for Research Careers (ORC) jointly sponsor a microgrants/personal expense defrayment grants pilot program. Post-docs, clinical fellows and junior faculty (ranking assistant professor or below) in the BWH research community are invited to apply.

PIVOT Funding Database

PIVOT Funding Database


​PIVOT provides access to the most comprehensive source of funding opportunities globally; identifies researcher expertise from within or outside of your organization; enables you to add internal deadlines to critical funding opportunities and sends weekly updates on saved searches you organize in your own folders; create groups for sharing funding opportunities on an ongoing basis.  If you are a researcher, you may have a profile waiting to be claimed (Pivot aggregates data from various online sources including PubMed, BWH Find a Researcher, Harvard Catalyst, etc. to populate research profiles).  When registering, you must specify ‘Harvard University’ as your affiliated institution & use your or e-mail address.

PILOT and DRIVE Grants

Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC)
Pre-proposals accepted on a rolling basis


B-BIC provides support for the development of devices, diagnostics, and therapeutics related to heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders. PILOT grants provide up to $50,000 for direct costs for 1 year and DRIVE grants provide up to $200,000 for direct costs for milestones achieved over 1½ to 2 years. It’s recommended that you contact your institutional site miner before submission. B-BIC is a consortium of academia, government, venture capital, non-profit, and industry designed to accelerate translational research.