Research Faculty & Trainee Lunches

The Brigham Research Institute (BRI) Executive Committee hosts a series of luncheons for research faculty members and trainees twice a year.


The BRI’s overarching mission is to accelerate discoveries that improve human health; supporting strategies include fostering groundbreaking, interdepartmental, and interdisciplinary research, ranging from basic fundamental studies to clinical innovations.  We strive to provide a clear voice (internally and externally) for the entire BWH research community, raise the profile of research at BWH, develop mission-centric collaborations with external entities and engage the scientific community in fundraising.


We need your help, as research faculty and trainees, making sure that the BRI is working to address the needs and concerns of researchers across the institution.  These luncheons provide opportunities for investigators from across BWH departments to meet with the BRI Executive Committee and provide feedback directly.


Please sign up to attend the appropriate lunch based on your rank, where you can offer your ideas as to how the BRI might better help you achieve your research and professional goals. 


Space is extremely limited for these luncheons; once registration limit is reached we will start a waiting list. Once you have registered, we will send you a confirmation with the room location.


If you have suggestions for discussion topics feel free to send them to us in advance by clicking here.

Upcoming Events

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